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CAPER 2016 - Presentations

Bareham - Developing a natural resource management approach to air quality in Wales to protect sensitive habitats

Carnell - Cumulative N deposition in the UK -a historic perspective

Dise - The PEATBOG Project: Science into Policy - Impacts of nitrogen deposition on the ecology and biogeochemistry of European peat bogs

Dragosits - Historic trends in N and S deposition in the UK 1800 to present

Field - An application of dynamic modelling to produce site-specific critical loads

Hall - Long-term trends in exceedance of critical loads for UK SACs

Harmens - Impacts of ozone on biodiversity: mapping habitats at risk

Hayes - Effects of high peaks vs high background ozone on wheat

Jones - A framework for assessing heavy metal impacts on ecosystem services

Kinnersley - Impact of recent findings on development of regulation

Mills - Preparations for the Ozone Critical Levels Workshop

Osborne - Response of European wheat to ozone and drought, and applications for crop modelling

Pandey - Understanding the impacts of ground-level ozone on soil carbon sequestration in wheat croplands

Peacock - N emissions from Cockle Park Farm at Palace Leas Experimental Grassland Plots

Pschenyckyj - Attributing biological controls on recent changes in carbon cycling in organic soils

Rogers - The indirect effects of atmospheric N deposition on C storage in grasslands: a mesocosm experiment

Rowe - What use are predictions of biodiversity responses to air pollution?

Sharps - Field-based evidence of ozone impacts on vegetation: an update

Storkey - Recovery of the Park Grass Experiment from long term nitrogen addition

Tomlinson - Historic sulphur deposition: long-term trends

Van Dijk - What does adding nitrogen to a bog do to the soil water?

Zappala - Translating policy into action for air quality - a Natural England perspective

Zhang - Quantifying the magnitude of species richness and its turnover on ecosystem productivity by the rate of N inputs in a temperate grassland


The Caper secretariat is funded by Defra, and The Scottish Government provides financial assistance for attending the annual CAPER meeting.

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